Consumerism and acquiring stuff has become part of life in the Western World.  I hope to provide inspiration for creating a stylish home and lifestyle with minimal harm to the planet, by making considered purchases, decorating with foraged objects and treasures collected over time, while embracing a simpler more meaningful life.

I tutor and consult in interior design, and am inspired by homes with a relaxed, natural and contemporary feel – faded colours, timber, and natural textures and materials.  My love of styling is mostly shared on Instagram (@thecoastalcreative); displaying objects I’ve collected over time with things I’ve found while walking the beach, mostly photographed within my rustic home by the beach in Auckland, New Zealand.  I hope you find it inspiring!

Over on Facebook I share information I come across about inspiring people and businesses who have ethics and sustainability close to their heart.

Check out my Pinterest page for loads of inspiring images for every room of your house.

Please take a look at the services I offer, including workshops and one-on-one consultations, by going to the “Work With Me” page at the bottom.  Thanks for visiting and I’d love for you to make contact at any time!




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