Creating MAGIC from your MOOD BOARD

Scandi-inspired Kitchen
Scandi-inspired Kitchen

I’ve made a few mood boards in my time as an interior designer and I’ve always understood the value in using these to portray my vision to the client.  But I’ve never been taught how to put one together – it’s just something I’ve instinctively done and I’ve always been happy enough with the results.  But recently I’ve done a couple of moodboarding workshops; one with the wonderful Natalie Tolhopf who I get business coaching from, and the other from Gudy Herder  an international trend expert, trainer and speaker in the design industry.  Mood boards can be used in a variety of different situations – they are commonly used in the design field – but they can be just as effective in creating a strong vision for where you are heading in your personal life, whether that’s your career, retirement, keeping fit and active, wedding or party planning etc.  I’ve learnt different things from both and will summarise them below…

  • Spend the time before hand thinking about words that describe your vision for the project at hand.  This is really important and will help you create a clear, concise message on your board.
  • When selecting images collect more than you need so that you can narrow your choices down once you start putting your board together.  Collect other items too; buttons, ribbon, fabric, paint samples, leaves etc – these add a layered quality to your board, creating texture and interest.
  •  Have everything ready before you start; glue, blue-tac, double-sided tape, coffee (hahaha), the board you wish to use….once you start creating it is really helpful to “stay in the flow”….this might be lost if you have to nip out to the stationary store for supplies!

You might know that we are (slowly) renovating our kitchen.  I’ve spent a lot of time saving images on Pinterest and from magazines, but do you know what?  It was until I created my kitchen mood board yesterday (pictured above) that I realised I didn’t want the black sink I had been SURE about all year!  This is how important they can be for crystallising your ideas/thoughts.

Here’s a few more from Pinterest to get you inspired….(click on each to link to source)…




If you are interested in finding out more about how to create a great looking mood board that also has a strong message then consider doing a workshop with either of the people mentioned above.  If you live in Auckland you could do one with  Natalie Tolhopf or you can be anywhere in the world and do  Gudy Herder’s  workshop online.  Or you can send me an email to discuss how I could help.

Have fun with it!


Author: The Coastal Creative

Living close to the beach encourages a relaxed way of living and this influences my work as an interior designer. I am drawn to the eclectic, faded colours, rustic timber, the imperfection of things hand made, and objects that tell a story.

7 thoughts on “Creating MAGIC from your MOOD BOARD”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Kim Lane. I love your work and your style. I wait patiently… Well not so patiently to attend a mood board workshop of your own. I need to keep my ideas alive for the vision of my house. Hint hint!


  2. Hi Kim, I’m so glad you enjoyed Gudy’s course, it brought so much value to me too:) I’m interested to check out Natalie’s also. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for joining the challenge again! Mel x


  3. Oh, thank you so much for the mention! I love your mood board, it’s really well structured with a nice overlapping and material use. Very happy to see this and that you found the course useful! G, x


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