TWO TOP TIPS for Styling your Home

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So what the hell is a vignette?  There’s a few meanings, but when you’re talking interior design, a vignette is a little display area or a grouping of items – usually on a sideboard, hall table, shelving etc.  They add personality to your home, and it’s amazing how fresh and new a room can feel after a little rearranging on a rainy Sunday…

There’s two easy concepts that I mostly use when styling my home, and I’ll share them with you now…


Pyramid style; tightly clustered

This “pyramid style” works with a number of items in varying sizes, with the tall ones in the middle, tightly clustered together.  If in doubt, tighten the spaces further!  Train your eye to look for little details such as the curve of the NZ Made sign (above) that mimics the curve of the black vase in front.

Have some sort of ‘theme’ without being overly concerned about this – if you’re not styling for a magazine then it’s no biggie, but it will look better if there’s some connection between your items.  In the image above I’ve got a rustic, beach vibe happening.

Colour blocking helps too; I have a lot of natural coloured things in my home, but if you’re into colour then narrow the range a little, and spread the dominant colours across the display.

Bring in items you might otherwise store away, like my old Indian printing block – I love the texture and pattern this brings.

Books are another great item for adding height or angles to your displays.  You don’t have to use coffee table books;  a stack of paperbacks can work just as well – especially stacked in a pile – but you might want to colour block them.


Play with scale
Play with Scale

This image was found from a blog I follow (my) unfinished home .  On the picture rail above the bed is a cluster of medium-sized and small-sized prints and accessories, “pyramid style and tightly clustered”.  There’s a large print on the adjacent wall – notice the difference in scale.  This wouldn’t have been as powerful if the large print had been smaller.

And notice the amount of wall space around this piece of art, and around the picture rail.  This creates ‘breathing space’ for your vignettes and artwork, and prevents a cluttered look.

There’s a styling challenge on right now, created by Aucklander Mel Chesneau of The Styled Canvas (an amazing blog to follow btw….)   The theme for July/August is “vintage today”, so I’ve thrown the pic below, of my old Indian chest, into the mix.  There’s a few days left of August so have a go!

Vintage Cabinet

Do you enjoy rearranging things in your home?  Do you find it easy or do you struggle a little to achieve the look you’re after?  If you have any comments to make, drop me a line below.

I have to do some serious kitchen appliance sourcing next week.  Can’t believe we are approaching 31 days without running water in the kitchen.  Funny thing is I’ve adapted to the daily lugging of the 20L container from the outside tap everyday.  Really?  Yes!

Have a great weekend,


Author: The Coastal Creative

Living close to the beach encourages a relaxed way of living and this influences my work as an interior designer. I am drawn to the eclectic, faded colours, rustic timber, the imperfection of things hand made, and objects that tell a story.

5 thoughts on “TWO TOP TIPS for Styling your Home”

  1. Such an intriguing black vignette! I was drawn in to take a closer, second look. I love the addition of the small white vase in the back. Its almost not noticeable, but plays a big role. Beautiful!


  2. Thanks so much for joining in on the Styled Canvas Challenge Kim, and that’s a lovely old Indian chest! Great advice on the vignette too! I hope you join in again next month. Make sure you use the hashtag on IG if you post that image so others can find you too:) Mel xx


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