PLY Doors and Drawers (in the kitchen)

I’m sitting here to update on kitchen progress to the background noise of a sledge hammer removing 35 year old cabinetry!  Break open the bubbles – I’ve waited so long for this!

As I was telling a good friend last Friday night, the huge benefit in waiting all this time (8 years this month since we moved in) is that my ideas are likely quite different to what I’d have originally gone for.  And although we are on a tight budget, it would have been even tighter back then. My friend also rightly pointed out that some kitchens need replacing after only 8-10 years.  This raises a relevant point in our decision making…we’ve decided to spend more on certain things to ensure we get a lot longer than this, taking a more sustainable approach, e.g.

  • robust cabinetry system (with a 20 year warranty!)
  • engineered stone bench (I’ve made my decision…see below…)
  • quality tapware

But we will save in other ways…

  • keeping our fridge and wall oven because they still work
  • no fancy pantry drawers (but I’d love this!)
  • no splashback (ha ha….I’m cheating here because in our funny kitchen there’s nowhere for one!)
Ply - black and natural combo
Ply – black and natural combo

Ply kitchens have become more popular in recent years and are often seen as a cost effective option while creating a pared back, simplistic look.  I love the mix of natural and soft black in the image above (sourced from Remodelista via Pinterest).  Other images I love are below…

Cantilever Interiors
Image from The Design Files via Pinterest

I will have a thin benchtop similar to shown above (although the one pictured is a laminate).

Image from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest
Image from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

Many ply kitchens seem to have cut out handles, either rectangular…

Image from Mattantrobus via Pinterest

…or round. I ‘m not so keen on either so will have to mull this over. No handles is an option to consider too.

Image from Remodelista via Pinterest
Image from Remodelista via Pinterest

So I said that I’d made my Benchtop Decision….drum roll please…..Caesarstone in Frosty Carrina.  I specified this for a couple of clients last year but I’ve since found out it’s one of their best selling colours and this puts me off slightly!  Some of you may have seen this on The Block.  I considered Silestone in Lagoon which is very similar (and they have just released a honed matt option which I personally love), but I prefer the white background in the Caesarstone option compared to the soft grey background in Silestone.  It has a similarity to the look of marble but without being overtly so.

Image from the Caesarstone website
Image from the Caesarstone website

So that’s me for this week. I hope to update some old photo frames next week, so look out for this on the next post….

Have a great week peeps!

Author: The Coastal Creative

Living close to the beach encourages a relaxed way of living and this influences my work as an interior designer. I am drawn to the eclectic, faded colours, rustic timber, the imperfection of things hand made, and objects that tell a story.

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