Feeling Stuck

Found on cushandnooks.blogspot.co.nz

So I should have a May Project to describe today, being two weeks since I completed my April Project….the old school chair.  I’ve had a few ideas, and the one that I nearly flew with was finishing the shelf above my bed.  You see I had a wooden picture shelf made a few months ago.  Unbelievably, it didn’t sit around for weeks (or years) waiting to be attached to the wall.  It was actually mounted within DAYS.  If you knew how things usually happen around here, you’d understand my surprise.

There were two main reasons for the shelf, and both were prompted by the size of our bedroom….it’s big enough for the bed, a bench that sits under one window, and two bedside tables that are squashed in tight.  That really is it.   I like to display some early photos of our two girls in the bedroom and there’s limited wall space so a picture shelf would hold these (reason #1 for the picture shelf), and I could attach some clip-on lights to eliminate the need for table lamps (reason #2).

My inspiration for the picture rail came from these images…

Picture Shelf
Picture Shelf
Found on cushandnooks.blogspot.co.nz
Lamps on picture shelf

Here is a picture of what I ended up with….

Picture Shelf in my bedroom
Picture Shelf in my bedroom

What you perhaps can’t see in the pic above is that some of the frames are really tatty, one photo is very faded and needs replacing…and then there’s the issue of not having a photo of my partner (and father of our children…)  Ooops.  I wouldn’t mind a print of some sort to break up the photos too.  And then there’s the lamps to purchase.  (Can you see the naked bulb at the edge of the frame?)  I’d love to sew a couple of patterned pillow slips too…

So this was to be my May project, but I couldn’t get motivated to begin…I felt stuck…so I started analysing why, and realised it’s because there’s a more pressing project that needs my attention.

The kitchen.

We will have been in this house for 8 years next month, and when we moved in it was to be the first thing to replace, because really, the kitchen looks like a health hazard having never been updated since it was built in 1980.  But other jobs ended up being more pressing that took our time and money, and here we are nearly 8 years on.  The water tightness problem outside has now been fixed and I’m being told to “get onto it”!   You won’t believe how much I have looked forward to a new kitchen that doesn’t have mould on the benchtop and doesn’t smell every time it rains.  (I’m too embarrased to put up ‘before’ photos.)  I didn’t intend for the ‘new kitchen’ to be a project that I covered in the blog, but does anyone want to follow my progress?

It’ll be all about getting a robust cabinetry system in place, more storage,  better integration with the dining space, relaxed ‘bach’ aesthetic, and all on a tight budget.  Here’s some early kitchen inspo…

Ply, stainless and white…
My ceiling is very similar

I’ll get the kitchen plans underway, and see if there’s space in May to also work away at completing the bedroom picture shelf.

Stay tuned…..

Author: The Coastal Creative

Living close to the beach encourages a relaxed way of living and this influences my work as an interior designer. I am drawn to the eclectic, faded colours, rustic timber, the imperfection of things hand made, and objects that tell a story.

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