Creative Projects – April to December

In my last post I mentioned that I live with a constant feeling of “busyness”, and I know from reading social and print media that I am far from alone with this feeling. I wish I could fit into my week, time to do the things that bring me pleasure and satisfaction outside of my work and family life.

My belief is that I DO have the time. It is ‘simply’ a shift of attitude that’s needed, being more efficient when working, prioritising tasks, and creating blocks of time each week to focus on doing something for me.

‘Making and creating’ is how I enjoy to spend my free time, so I’ve decided to focus on a different theme for each month from April to December…my initial deas are as follows (based on areas of personal interest)….

  • Working with timber; upcycling a piece of furniture, making something decorative from driftwood or a surplus piece of timber, refinishing my old well-used chopping boards (and being a little creative with it…)
  • Photography; street photography, coastal related images, vignettes in the home.
  • Fabric; making pillowcases, cushions, throws, table cloths etc from natural fabrics (e.g. linen, cotton).
  • Print making; experiment with screen printing onto fabric.
  • Flowers; arrange, explore, deconstruct, photograph!
  • Paint; research different types of natural paint and how these can be used effectively on furniture etc.  Source stencils and use spray paint for decorative effect.

Of course everything will have a bit of a relaxed, coastal, natural feel to it.  Everything will look modern, fresh and hopefully stylish!

I’ve actually started my “April project”- two weeks ago I started decorating an old school chair.


I applied a coat of primer/undercoat but on drying, the varnish was bleeding through in places so I applied a second coat with success.  (I would have needed to apply an oil based primer if the varnish had continued to bleed through.)

Because the chair was originally used in a school, I used this as my inspiration for how to decorate it.  I came across an old Kikki K diary of mine that was entirely black and white, and down the side of every page was a series of numbers, letters or graphic patterns.  I purchased a sharp bladed craft knife (I never could get the hang of snapping the blade on those old Stanley knives…), some Modge Podge (first time user of this stuff…) and set to work.  I decided to place the letters and numbers horizontally and vertically – no curves or diagonals – as I feel this suits the modern, graphic look I am setting out to achieve.

Old School ChairIMG_7692

After a couple of good sessions two weeks ago, I got the chair to this stage but… has been busy, last weekend was busy…excuses!  HOWEVER, I am going to finish the chair this weekend.  No excuses.

I’ll be keeping you updated.

Thanks for reading!


Author: The Coastal Creative

Living close to the beach encourages a relaxed way of living and this influences my work as an interior designer. I am drawn to the eclectic, faded colours, rustic timber, the imperfection of things hand made, and objects that tell a story.

4 thoughts on “Creative Projects – April to December”

    1. Thank youuu! Feels good to have started this journey. Simply having the intention to start this blog has given me a reason to prioritise the little creative projects I have in mind. Amazing really. Great to hear from you – you who first heard my blog name ideas!


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